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  • Our company is a custom concrete precast manufacturer.  We have Microsoft Project Professional 2010 and Windows 7 OS.  Currently we have 1 person to implement a usefull schedule that applies to our line of work.  Our plant currently has on hand roughly 10 - 15 projects they actively work on.  Therefore loading every resource would be extremely time consuming and almost impossible to accurately track. All projects require several different products to be cast, (concrete poured).  I've gone ahead and set up each project as a summary task, each type of product as a subcategory, and all the different pieces are the individual tasks.  We have traditionaly used cubic yards of concrete as a means of tracking production. Also all of our products are invoiced upon fabricated, (pouring the concrete).  Some of the main issues I'm having are with work, (cubic yards), not being in hours and not affecting duration.  Our duration at the plant changes daily so setting up baselines is not realistic and having work affect durations would not be necessary.  The durations of the projects are from start to finish but the tasks are poured to 100% before the final day.  I've inserted a Finish1 Date, (Cast Date), which falls inbetween start and finsih and doesn't affect start, finish, or duration at all.

    This leads to my problems:

    For inputting the number of CY for each task I've gone ahead and set up custom fields Number 1 (cubic yards required for the total task) and Number 2 (cubic yards poured for the task).  Numbers 1 & 2 sum up at the summary progress rows. A third Number column simply divides Numbers 1 and 2 to get the % of cubic yards complete for each task and averages them for the summary rows.  A simple problem from this is that I don't know how to insert a % sign for this.  I've gone ahead and in the Ghantt Chart switched out the bar text to show Number 3, the % cy complete.  This works for every bar but my problem in the chart is with the Summary Progress bar which is under each Summary bar.  How do I get the summary progress bar to display the actual % cubic yards complete instead of summary progress?  This leads to another problem.  The only way to get my tasks and projects to check complete is either by using the Mark on Track icon on the task tab under schedule, or manualy typing in 100% myself. Is there an easier way to do this?

    Friday, April 8, 2011 3:00 PM


  • You're hitting problems, because project isn't designed as a manufacturing tool. It can be shoe horned into one, but you need skilled operators and very careful attention to what you are doing.

    To see a % sign, create a formula in a Text field, EG Text1 that is [Number1] & "%".

    For progress teh only way to automatically update progress is to write a macro that loops thru all tasks and sets Percent Complete field to Text1 value. I would call this from the BeforeSave event.

    Rod Gill

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    Friday, April 8, 2011 9:44 PM