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  • Hello, i'm not being able to make this work. I have a DC for the cohowinery.com domain conditionally forwarding requests for the test1.local to DC1.test1.local. The conditional forwarding works flawlessly, the only problem here is, it only works when i use the FQDN for the test1.local domain. So i wanted to add a suffix for every name that doesn't exist in the cohowinery.com, i wanted to do this via group policy and the option is there under Administrative Templates - Network - DNS.


    I specified the test1.local in the DNS search list so that, quote, "when a user submits a query for a single-label name, such as "example", a local DNS client attaches a suffix, such as "microsoft.com", resulting in the query "example.microsoft.com", before sending the query to a DNS server."


    It doesn't work ... i specified the suffix, applied it to the domain policy, tried linking a GPO to the DC OU, tried with or without "" and gpupdated every time, still doesn't work.

    Every time i try to ping DC2 (a record existent in the test1.local) i get no reply, unless i do it DC2.test1.local

    What am i doing wrong?

    Wednesday, October 26, 2011 10:51 AM