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  • In early January I started a web site and put it under a friends domain... Everything was very cool here had most all pages rated as high as MSN rates them.  Well I am selling commercial property and doing it under www.igps.org/resort   seemed incorrect... Originally I was just going to do a 1 page web site and well I have about 50 pages now.  I got my own domain www.realestateozarks.com and did the perment re directs as suggested with the 301 perm re direct.  MSN went crazy when I did this. 

    Under IGPS the web site just kicked butt in searches... much like it still does in Yahoo, Altavista, Lygo and several others.  Google never got me indexed correctly and now I am sure I am in their sandbox as I added 2 much 2 fast for them....  Ok once I changed domains my ratings on all web pages and the domain fell to about your lowest rating 1 of the 5 boxes filled.  I use both a sitemap xml and .txt  Seems all that MSN is intersted in is the sitemap.txt.  Originally I had 2 URL's incorrect in the sitemap.txt file... one was  www.realestateozarks.com/ FSBO.com should have been FSBO.htm and www.realestateozarks.com/ viedo.htm should have been video.htm [due to Google picking up the 2 URL's above and reporting them as invalid links I put a space before the actual file name].  Its now been over 6 weeks closer to 2 months and MSN still trys to index these files.  WHY?  NOTE: 1 web page the main one and the domain currently have 4 boxes out of 5 filled in the MSN rating.  Last time my main domain was crawled was 3/19 ... another of my top 5 pages was crawled on 3/3 .  3 other pages in top 5 were crawled on 4/3 or about a week ago.

    In the Google Webmaster Tools it shows when a sitemap was last crawled... The above ERROR's were caught by google within a half hour of me submitting the sitemap.txt file to Yahoo, Google and MSN after moving everything to new domain.  The errors were corrected immediately.  I was shocked that MSN hit the sitemap so fast after submitting it.

    For well over a month even with the perm re direct in place MSN still showed my IGPS pages when doing searches... SO I wiped IGPS 100% and let things set for 3 weeks to a month and just a day or 2 back  I set it back up with 1 page re directing to my new domain.  I had to do this as I forgot that when I wiped things that I had several for sale signs made that pointed to ipgs.org/resort. 

    Bottom line is now I have "indexed" web pages that have not been re crawled in over 5 weeks... plus the 2 invalid URL's that are about 2 months old that never really existed.   

    Thanks for your time

    PS.  I started another domain about a month back it is only 3 pages and has MSN highest rating both domain and web page.  MSN only has 2 of the URL indexed but I had this rating when there was just 1 page. 
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