MUST READ IF YOU USE ROAMING PROFILES: OC 2007 beta adds log files to user profile by default. RRS feed

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  • The OC setting under Tools\Options\General "Turn on Logging in Communicator" by default creates a new directory called tracing in your user profile. In this directory a file called Communicator.etl is created and will grow fairly large as options are changed in OC. It is used by the beta team to log OC events for troubleshooting and the file is deleted and recreated each time OC is opened.


    Over the weekend my Communicator.etl file grew to 47MB. We use roaming profiles and was included in my profile size which put me over my limit.


    This registry branch (HKEY_USERS\{SID}\Software\Microsoft\Tracing\UcClient\Communicator) has keys that can be used to configure the behavior of this setting; like enabling/disabling this option or changing the directory for the file to be created.

    Tuesday, April 17, 2007 6:21 PM