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  • Prior to the last update, I had Live Mesh Remote Desktop working between 7 machines divided among 3 meshes. 3 of the machines run Vista x86, 1 runs Windows 7 x86 and 3 run Windows 7 x64.

    When the recent update was issued, 6 of the 7 machines installed it (the final one is set not to update automatically). *All* of the machines that updated are now unavailable for remote desktop connection. They show up as online, but without the connect to desktop option visible. On the one machine that did not update, RDP still works.

    The machines are on three different LANs and running 3 different OSes (if you count x86 and x64 separately), with the only thing in common being the fact that they were all running the prior version of Live Mesh and have since been updated from an Admin level account.

    Is there a known solution to this? I saw a similar thread in this forum for a Vista machine that blamed factors other than Live Mesh. However, we now have an example of multiple, very different machines all exhibiting the issue.

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  • Can you elaborate on the operating systems that you see this on?
    And, were you prompted on Vista machines to update the enhancements? When my machines (Vista and 7) updated, all of them prompted me to install the enhancements when I opened the notifier on those machines. Until the enhancements are updated, RD won't be available.
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    Tuesday, July 14, 2009 2:53 PM
  • Hi,

    I can elaborate further:

    2 desktops running Vista x86
    1 laptop running Vista x86
    1 dekstop running Windows 7 RC x64
    1 laptop running Windows 7 RC x64
    1 laptop running Windows 7 RC x86

    I don't recall if I was explictly prompted to install the enhancements during the update. During the original install, yes. However, I always authorize installing the enhancements when prompted so, if I was not asked, it would be because something about the install caused that prompt not to appear. Whatever happened did so on multiple machines because none of the machines show up as having RD enabled *except for one* (one of the Vista x86 desktops). However, an attempt to actually connect to that machine results in an error stating that the machine can't be reached, so it's not really available.

    Another clue:

    I often use the Windows 7 built-in RDP to connect between my Windows 7 RX x64 laptop and desktops while both are on my home LAN. I use the most secure NLA option for authorizing another machine to connect remotely (the 3rd of the 3 options). Until the update, I was able to provide my credentials the first time I connected, check off the "remember my credentials" checkbox and subsequently log in without having to explicitly type in the machine's password each time. After the Live Mesh update, which has no explicit connection to the built-in RDP code (correct me if I'm wrong), the behavior of the built-in RDP changed. It would no longer remember my credentials and tell me each and every time that my credentials were wrong and would explicitly prompt me. Once I typed them in again, it would connect. However, they would not save and I'd be prompted again the next time I tried to connect.

    So, I just removed Live Mesh from these two machines and the behavior immediately returned to normal: credentials are remembered across sessions as long as I check off the box to do so.

    Is this a clue?


    Tuesday, July 14, 2009 4:58 PM
  • That sounds like an uncanny coincidence if it isn't actually a clue, so I'm going to side with the clue theory.
    Since you are not alone in reporting issues with RDP with the recent version, I'm going to have to say that it appears that there is a bug that was introduced. I'm not sure that I can gatther all of the threads together on this problem, but you are welcome to file a bug report with all of these details. I will be alerting my contact on the Live Mesh team to your thread to highlight the many reports of the issue we've seen since the update.
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    Tuesday, July 14, 2009 5:15 PM
  • Much appreciated Stephen. I'll attempt to file a bug report and will look forward to the next release of LV which will hopefully have identified and patched the bug (LV RD is so useful for its NAT tunneling and easy drop-down menu machine selection that it'll seem like a long wait ...)

    Thursday, July 16, 2009 12:32 PM
  • You're welcome. I did exchange emails with my contact and he indicated that he's reviewing the bug reports and logs and that they are trying to determine what the issue might be.
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    Thursday, July 16, 2009 12:50 PM