Print Multiple Contacts Detail Information at one time RRS feed

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  • CRM 4.0, You can select a contract, once on the contact window you can press the print button and you get a 1 to 2 page report with General, Primary Address, Professional Information, Personal Information on that one contact.

    I have a two part quesion:
    Question 1:
    Is it possible to somehow, select multiple contacts and then press the print button to print out more that one contacts details at a time?

    Question 2.
    Is it possible to modify the details that appear on this contact report.  That is can I remove a section and add a new section.

    Thank you
    Monday, March 16, 2009 1:50 PM



    That particular screen displays the print preview details for the open contact record.


    Questions 1

    Unfortunately there is no intrinsic way to do this but you can build your own SQL Server Report (i.e. Custom CRM Report) with the similar detail and you can run this report against multiple contacts to achieve your goal


    Question 2

    Since this is print out of all the details on contact screen. If you add or remove section from the contact screen it will be reflected in the print out.

    However as I said better approach it to create custom SSRS report. Define only the sections you need and this should be find.


    Refer Microsoft SDK for more information regarding creating custom report for CRM 4.0.

    Hope this helps...

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