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  • This is a crazy saga. I signed on to OneCare in Holland and then tried to renew when I got back to Australia. Can't do it. Finally sorted out with clear instructions from Microsoft (I started another sub from Australia and then asked for the Netherlands one to be cancelled). The Australian sub is going fine (finally) but I thought I should check up to make sure everything was OK by going to the "view or update your account and billing information" site (after signing in to OneCare with my email and password). However, this takes me to a DUTCH-language site so I'm still registered as having a Dutch subscription, it seems - but I have already renewed my subscription in AUSTRALIA so the connection with Holland hasn't been broken and I'm pretty sure that next year, come renewal time, they'll still be asking me to pay with a Dutch credit card (which of course I don't have). But what's amazing is that each time I send off a reply to the Microsoft OneCare help people they don't read the whole story - they completely misunderstand me and tell me to start over by signing up in Australia. I get a reply from Damien, I reply, then someone totally else (say Peter) comes back to tell me "Thank you for contacting Windows Live One Care Accounts and Billing Support. My name is Peter and I will be glad to help you." but totally fails to read the whole story. This has happened about 5 times - it's really like beating my head against a wall. It seems you just can't get there from here!

    Saturday, June 14, 2008 3:53 AM


  • Changing countries for your Billing address is apparently something that Microsoft Billing can't handle. If you used a the same LiveID for your new subscription, your old subscription would have to have been canceled. Each LiveID can only have a single active OneCare subscription associated with it.

    When you sign in at http://billing.microsoft.com do you see one active and one canceled subscription (never mind the language settings...)?

    Did you use a different LiveID for the new subscription? If so, then the old one may still be active. Each subscription would be associated with a LiveID and signing in at the Billing site will show you the status of the subscription for that LiveID.

    Now, as for the language setting. Delete your cookies and temporary Internet files in IE and make sure that the default language is shown to be English-AU. Log back into the Billing site and it should be in English - I hope.



    Monday, June 16, 2008 4:43 PM