ICE 2.0 does not work with new photosynth accounts. DO NOT UPDATE RRS feed

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  • With 3 or 4 threads devoted to this problem over the last month, and no Microsoft response, I would have thought that the issue had been corrected.
    ICE 2.0+ on 64 bit windows refuses to sign in to new Photosynth accounts, rendering it useless.
    This problem is consistent across multiple computers, I have uninstalled everything and attempted to reinstall, I have turned off the power to my computer and turned it back on, "Unable to sign in" appears with a correct password and email.

    What is strange is that my old account will work perfectly fine?
    Luckily I have old installation files to ICE 1.0.  After switching back, Photosynth with my new account works perfectly fine.

    The user interface for ICE 2.0 looks nice, but after hours of troubleshooting and no progress, I have given up.  Hopefully this helps someone else who does not have the time to mess with this problem, and hopefully this problem is corrected or acknowledged by the Research team.  I love ICE and what it can do, it is just challenging to drive a really nice car which is missing it's front wheels. 
    If someone else is fighting this problem and needs the old installation files from April 2013, send me a message or email to brandon (at) lightsatlutheran (dot) com .
    Wednesday, May 13, 2015 3:32 PM