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  • If I try to format the following block of text as C#:
    public event EventHandler MyFirstEvent;
    public event EventHandler MySecondEvent;

    protected void OnMyFirstEvent(EventArgs e)
      if(MyFirstEvent != null)
         MyFirstEvent(this, e)

    protected void OnMySecondEvent(EventArgs e)
      if(MySecondEvent != null)
        MySecondEvent(this, e);

    private void Intialize()
      MyFirstEvent += this_MyFirstEvent;

    private void this_MyFirstEvent(object sender, EventArgs e)
      // raise another event when processing this one:

    I get this:
    public event EventHandler MyFirstEvent;<BR>public event EventHandler   
    MySecondEvent;<BR><BR>protected void OnMyFirstEvent(EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>&nbsp;   
    if(MyFirstEvent != null)<BR>&nbsp; {<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;   
    MyFirstEvent(this, e)<BR>&nbsp; }<BR>}<BR><BR>protected void   
    OnMySecondEvent(EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>&nbsp; if(MySecondEvent != null)<BR>&nbsp;   
    {<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; MySecondEvent(this, e);<BR>&nbsp; }<BR>}<BR><BR>private   
    void Intialize()<BR>{<BR>&nbsp; MyFirstEvent +=   
    this_MyFirstEvent;<BR>}<BR><BR>private void this_MyFirstEvent(object sender,   
    EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>&nbsp; // raise another event when processing this   
    one:<BR>&nbsp; OnMySecondEvent(EventArgs.Empty);<BR>}<BR>
    Monday, June 2, 2008 3:39 PM


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