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  • This software is really a fraud, an scam for Mac users. I bought HOME OFFICE PREMIUM 365 FOR MAC , online 2 weeks ago, and every time i switch on my Macbook, and i want to open power point, excel, etc, a window pops up and prompt me to sign in through my Microsoft account or entering the product key. Microsoft never sent me an email with the product key. SO, i have to enter the email account and password to be able to open any file. BUT, if i am not in an internet environment simply I CAN NOT OPEN ANY FILE!!!!!.....3 days of calls to technical support EVERYWHERE, UK UAE, USA and no one, absolutely NOBODY has helped me to fix the problem. Multiple calls, transfering to the right support, then connecting to othe team, and so on for hours!!!! what is this???? is really the Microsoft of Bill Gates??? cause what i can see is the most horrible company regarding the customer service point of view. To bill it took seconds, to fix a problem take days of witnessing incompetency.....thanks god im an APPLE user but unfortunately i have to have this damn Office software....STAY AWAY FROM MICROSOFT....HORRIBLE COMPANY!!!!
    Tuesday, March 26, 2013 12:36 PM