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    I am the admin on my home PC (Vista IE8).  One of the other users started getting virus detections calling for to install something that looked like a Windows product.  I ran a full McPhee scan and nothing was detected.  This panel was listing 22 different trojans and viruses - in fact the number was rising steadily.  I hit the "remove all" button which initially opened up some website that had 3 payment options on it - but after the full McPhee scan that page won't even open I get some message about the page resetting and IE explorer closing and then wanting to reopen the last page and then closing saying that it is in a loop.  This happens no matter what page I try to open in IE.

    So I switched users back to myself and I have no problems getting on with IE and that has what led me here.  Going through everything on the Microsoft site I decided that I would try Onecare as an alternative to McPhee assuming that maybe there is something this would catch if the other missed.  So I have installed Onecare and then pressed the button to do a full scan for Vista.  The new screen pops up and I click OK for the full scan and then it freezes at 67% download of the scanning tools.  There is no refresh button so I cancel out and then click full scan again and the same thing happens.  It stays on 67% for up to 25 minutes without changing so I am assuming that is a "freeze".

    I have hunted around the forums and cannot see anything that specifically addresses this issue.  Also I am very illiterate when it somes to these things.  If it is of any use I am also on a satellite connection.
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