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  • Hi Friends,

                The Online Programming Contest is scheduled to be held  on January 30th,2008 from 18.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs (Indian Standard Time). You will get complete details about the contest shortly.

                 As a preliminary thing, we want you to familiarize yourself with the DevSquare site, where the OPC is going to be conducted.
                 Visit the site http://www.devsquare.com/adc/dsweb/login.jsp , Sign Up with your email id.  And then sign in there and try the practice problems from this page . Please read the instructions carefully. The following links will be greatly helpful .
    1) The Initial Instructions for all the  languages can be found at this page http://www.devsquare.com/adc/pt/instructions/initial_instructions_1.html
    2) Important Do's and Dont's http://www.devsquare.com/adc/dsweb/dos_donts.html

    Where do I write, compile, execute and submit my solution?
              DevSquare includes an editor, compilation and execution engines to write, compile, and execute code. Please refer to the screenshots for more details.

    What parameters is the solution evaluated on?
    The solution is evaluated on:
        *     Code Accuracy – Does your solution give the expected result? How close is it to the accurate solution? DevSquare evaluates your code and gives an objective number on how accurate your code is.
        *     Compliance with Standards – Your code is expected to follow commonly accepted coding conventions and standards. The less the number of deviations the more compliant your code.
        *     Code Efficiency – Is your solution the most optimal solution possible? Coding Efficiency is currently loosely approximated to the number of lines of code.
        *     Code Productivity – Did you arrive at your solution by trial-and-error? DevSquare records each compilation request you send to the server. The more times you have compiled the code the less you would score on this parameter.

    Do I need to follow any specific instructions when writing my solution?
                 The problem statement will specify the directory / package name, the header files to be used, the class names, method types and other such key parameters. You should name and use these exactly in the manner mentioned in the problem statement. You are free to add any additional classes / files for completing your solution. IMP: Please refer to the Do's and Don'ts

    What is the C/C++ compiler that will be used?
    GNU Compiler (GCC/G++) on Linux is used to compile the C/C++ code. GNU compiler is ANSI compliant. You should note the differences GCC has in comparison to other popular compilers.

    Which version of Java does DevSquare Assessment Module support?
    DevSquare supports JDK1.4.

    Which version of Tomcat does DevSquare Assessment Module support?
    DevSquare supports Tomcat 5.

    There is online live help available at DevSquare.  Click http://devsquare.com/adc/dsweb/livehelp.html to access it.

    Also you can add the following email ids as friends in your Gtalk and you can get help from them if you have any doubts.

    1) opc[at]kriya08[dot]org
    2) Raghuramdcbe[at]gmail[dot]com

    Tuesday, January 29, 2008 1:07 PM