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    I am so tired of this!  I have had a Hotmail account since 2000.  keta144@hotmail.com is my account.  Someone spoofed my account or used it to send spam and Microsoft locked it (years ago).  After fighting this forever, you finally unlocked it but all of the e-mails I saved over the years were gone, making the account useless to me.  Yet, I needed a Microsoft account for some account logins (like XBOX) so I kept it around. I use it for things like Office 365.  Yet again, someone has hacked my account because the lost e-mail and phone number you guys have on file are not mine!  You have no problem taking my Office 365 subscription money but you don't recognize my information when I try to log in with my lost account.  You ask me things about my contacts and sent e-mail subjects which are useless questions to me because I gave up on this e-mail for a long time.  It is a spam and junk mail collector at this point!  I am getting so irritated that I am about to cancel my accounts for everything!  I need a path, with a solution, or I am out!  I would put my other contact information in here but I don't feel like having my gmail account turning into my hotmail account... 

    Monday, June 5, 2017 3:56 AM