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  • I recently purchased a laptop running windows 8 and installed launchpad/connector to connect to my whs2011 server. Initially I was able to access the shared folders without a problem but for some reason i'm now getting a Launchpad error: Cannot perform the requested task. I cannot access my shared folders at all, not even from the dashboard. (dashboard works so the connector is definitely talking to the whs2011) The weird thing is this is only happening on my laptop, my windows 7 PC has no issues accessing shared folders

    Things i've tried:

    1) logging in as a different user
    2) recreating the login
    3) turn off firewall on the laptop
    4) have the laptop/server leave home group

    I'm not sure what else i can try, can someone please help?! Thanks!!

    Wednesday, May 22, 2013 4:16 PM


  • Firstly, you don't need the Connector installed to access Shared Folders - you just need an account on the server (with the correct permissions set) with the same User Name and password as the Laptop and access the shares using Explorer. Note that you will get problems if you are logging onto your laptop with a Microsoft EMail address - are you using a standard User Name? I would get rid of the HomeGroup as those settings override the individual settings set using the Server Dashboard.

    If you want to back up your W8 machine make sure you have the UEFI Hotfix installed on the Server.

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