Product ID "not valid" so can't get help with my security settings RRS feed

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  • Hi, I've some problems with my security settings.  Right now I am not sure if the problem is with windows security center (WSC) or with windows live onecare (WLOC).  I have tried sorting them out by following prompts but am getting nowhere fast.  Lastly I tried to email the WLOC support folks only to get an error saying my Product ID is not valid.  I believe I have a legit copy as I bought it online, have a Product ID code and a subscription end date.  That's problem 1.
    WLOC is reporting that it is up to date and the status is Fair (I just need to plug the harddrive in to perform the backup so not concerned about that).
    WSC is telling me the Firewall is off.  If i turn it on, it turns off again.  Problem 2. (Same with Defender but not bothered about that - but should I be?)
    WLOC says the firewall is on.
    Problem 3.  WSC tells me that my malware protection is in a format that is not compatible with WLOC. I followed steps to fix that, but WSC sends me to a page to download new  software - ie paying for a new copy of WLOC. 
    Tried the "what should I do when WLOC service is not working or has stopped", but I need Administrator privileges to access the right file (to access WLOC Database folder, whatever that is) - and no clue how to change that.
    WLOC doesn't mention Malware.
    Can't uninstall and reinstall WLOC as have no CD - bought it online.
    And while I'm here - another problem I've had is with the backup, it backs up the files (my hard drive was bought in the UK) to a format that I can't open!
    Can you help point me in the right direction(s) please?  I'm not too computer savvy but can follow basic instructions.
    Thursday, July 16, 2009 11:53 PM