OCS ENT R1- Roundtable device use affects videocalls. RRS feed

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  • Godd Morning,
    We have a Enterprise R1 setup consisting of 1 x ENT server (1 x pool) and 1 x edge server.

    Under most conditions, A/V are working well, including 3 way calls with external parties and internal.

    Under specific conditions though, we are seeing A/V calls fallback to audio only.
    User 1 in remote site (WAN 2MB SHDSL link to head office) with Generic Webcam
    User 2 in Head Office with Roundtable device
    User 3 in remote office connecting over Internet via Edge Server with Roundtable device.

    An videocall is established between Users 2 & 3 and is working well. User 1 is invited into the call. After accepting the call, the video stream for all participants is disabled and only audio works. There is no congestion at this time on the WAN link between sites.

    The internet connection (from both headoffice and the remote site connecting via edge server) is 20MB and is not congested.

    If we setup a video call between the same 3 users, but this time use generic webcams for all participants, the call works well.
    So, obviously there is something coming into play when the roundtables are included in the calls.

    Any advice in troubleshooting this would be welcomed.

    Thank you.


    Monday, June 1, 2009 10:52 PM