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  • Hi Everyone,

    First let me apologise if this is in the wrong section was unsure where to ask this question.
    My current setup is a WHS (with all my media stored on it) I have a HDTV with a PS3 connected to it in the living room, which with PS3 media server,  I can watch/listen streamed media, I also have a 32" Standard CRT (Standard Scart,Svideo and RF connections) in my bedroom and a 1st Gen standard Xbox (soft modded). I also have 2 Laptops Acer 6920G (Vista Home Premium) Both have HDMI out and VGA out.

    My question is how or is it possible to watch streamed media on this CRT in my bedroom, pref wirelessly (Due to the wife not wanting cables eveywhere), I would like this to be a permanent placement (ie I dont want to be moving anything) and obviously be remote controlled, does anyone know a way of doing this with the Xbox 1st generation or would I have to buy something else, If so could you give me some ideas on the kit I need to buy.

    I am in the UK so pref items that are available in the UK.

    Thank you for your time in advance.

    Wednesday, July 1, 2009 1:58 PM

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