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  • hi there,

       I've ten difficult questions in a test from microsoft, hope someone can help....

    Thanks in advance.



    1) If you are using VirtualRegistry to fix a registry key that contains a space, how do you encode that?

    Quote the path

    Space ( )

    Non-breaking space ( )

    Escape code ( )



    2) How does WRPMitigation fix problems writing to files protected by Windows Resource Protection?

    Detects changes to WRP-protected resources and replaces overwritten copies

    Returns access denied when attempting to write to protected files

    Takes ownership and loosens the ACL on the directory, allows the write, replaces, and then modifies the ACL back to the original setting

    Creates a temp file and returns this handle to the calling program



    3) Why cant we implement Windows Resource Protection on Windows XP?

    AppID was introduced in Windows 7, and doesn’t exist on Windows XP

    The CredentialManager APIs don’t exist on Windows XP

    Service SIDs dont exist on Windows XP

    Were too busy



    4) What can you do to allow a message to be sent from a lower privileged process up to a window in a higher privileged process?

    A) UIPIEnableStandardMessages shim

    B) ChangeWindowMessageFilter API

    C) lpMessageFilter argument in the CreateWindow API

    D) Manifest with uiAccess = true

    A and B

    B, C, and D

    A, B, and C

    A, B, and D

    C and D

    All of the above

    None of the above



    5) Where is the integrity level stored in a process?

    In the token

    In the security descriptor

    In the manifest

    In the icacls



    6) Can you shim 64-bit applications using Compatibility Administrator?

    Yes, but you have to install them manually using sdbinst.exe from the 64-bit directory

    Yes, but only if they are not managed code AnyCPU applications

    Yes, but you have to select the 64-bit version of the application when creating the shims




    7) If I need to target a process and its children using shims, what is the best approach?

    Use the Sdb* APIs to dynamically attach to child processes

    Configure the shim with the command line IncludeChildren

    Include the child exe when creating the shim

    Use a layer containing the shims you need



    8) What options do you have to fix a problem with a 3rd party driver?



    Obtain a new version

    Driver Verifier



    9) When you view a stack trace in Sysinternals tools, is the first line the oldest or newest code to be executed?





    10) Does the IE Compatibility Test Tool help you find issues with your Java applets?



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