OCS 2007 moved users presence issues RRS feed

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    Hi, I´m having a problem with my users in OCS, I´ve recently created a new OCS Standard server and moved all the users from one OCS to another, the operation completed successfully and I deactivated the old one and uninstalled the OCS from it.

    But now there is a problem, none of the users can change the presence state that they are in. So if I´m online, I can´t change it to busy or DND, if someone is offline, they can´t change it to online, etc.

    I checked the event viewer from the server but nothing related to this issue appers, also checked on the users´communicators but no related errors are shown.

    I don´t know what happend here,but does anyone has a clue why this behavior is showing on my OCS and how can I fix it?

    thank you for your replies


    Tuesday, July 1, 2008 1:53 AM