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  • Hi gurus,
    I have a Unix system connected via Network to a Windows XP machine in which SFU is installed to ensure the interrop between these two machines. This Unix system is writing some files to my Windows machine in which I have my .NET application running and processing those files.
    Here are some details:
    1- The Unix machine is writing new files and updating some exisiting ones in the Windows machine every 10 seconds.
    2- My application needs to read those files, process them and finally delete them.

    I noticed the following things:
    1- The .NET API is returning wrong information about those files and especially the length!
    2- When my .NET application deletes a file, the .NET API (DirectoryInfo class) still reportes this file as an existing one on the file system for a period of time (about 25 soconds on my XP machine). After this period of time, the file is no longer seen in the folder.
    3- When a file is written to my Windows machine, I delete that file right after (using Explorer). The deleted file is no longer appearing in the folder content pane of explorer. However, if I press F5 to refresh the view, the file reappears!!! I have to wait around 25 seconds to really see that the file does no longer exist in the shared folder

    Has any one of you ever noticed this kind of behaviour?

    Many thanks,


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  • Gurus,
    Just found this article which seem to talk about this issue.
    I did not try it yet to see if the problem is resolved, will keep you posted when I do.


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