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  • Got this response from them and thought other users might want to send their feedback in Wink


    Tardis is a broadcast NTP/GPS time server that can run as a service in WHS Wink


    Re: Windows Home Server aware Tardis
    From: Support (support@kaska.demon.co.uk)
    Wed 6/06/07 10:33 AM



    We have no plans for a WHS aware version of  Tardis.  Yours is the first request we have had in fact.
    If we get a lot of requests we might reconsider but for now it isn't on our road map.  Vista support is on the road map but only after the dust has settled on the release
    i.e. after it has been fixed.

    At 19:34 05/06/2007 +0100, you wrote:

    Are there any plans for a “WHS” aware version of Tardis, perhaps with  a console tab to control the application..
    It sort of works already as a service, but adding in the interface would make it much more usable since WHS servers are supposed to be headless…
    Finally a possible solution for a home network time server… (using an Microsoft GPS) Wink
    If so, id be more than interested in a beta version Wink

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