[CRM 2011] Login into CRM 2011 (IFD) using Live Id RRS feed

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  • From what I understand, a MS CRM 2011 server configured as an Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) requires a Security Token Service (STS). I suspect in majority of cases, when someone's deploying CRM 2011, this would be AD FS. I've managed to configure a development instance of CRM 2011 to be an IFD (albeit available only locally - this is STILL just a development instance after all).

    The problem is my knowledge and understanding of claim-based authentication is limited at best so there's a chance I'm missing something completely basic. From what I see, AD FS will mostly use Active Directory. But it seems... it doesn't have to.

    I've managed to add our Azure Access Control Service as a Claims Provider. Azure ACS itself allows people to use Live Id (as well as other nifty login options). So... in theory at least, it seems I should be able to log into my IFD using Live Id, right?

    While I have a chance to select ACS when trying to log in, it doesn't work - I'm obviously missing something, possibly the Claim Rules, or perhaps something else entirely.

    Has anyone actually done something like this? Is this at all possible? CRM Online uses this, but MS probably isn't using a typical CRM deployment...

    Friday, July 26, 2013 9:25 AM