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  • Does anyone know how I can get my computer to recognize that I have installed a new version of Windows LiveOneCare from software I purchased several months ago which came with a one-year free subscription (which hopefully does not begin until the actual date of proper operation) rather than repeatedly showing a message that I need to update my old subscription to LiveOne Care, which cost more than the software and which I unsubscribed to in March 2008?


    All I need is for my system to recognize that the Windows LiveOneCare I installed from CD (after uninstalling the first version, which I am sure I must have downloaded directly from Microsoft) is not the same one as the one I previously had. Yet when I enter the key, etc., which I'm sure has got to be different from the old one, I get a similar message to "renew" my subscription.


    I had e-mailed Microsft Customer Service about this back in June (I was packing, cleaning and moving before then, so I was too busy and exhausted to deal with this before June) and the response I got from someone at Microsoft via e-mail told me that I needed to purcahse a new subscription or renew my current one (which I had said had previously expired in my message) and pay again (apparently, he didn't read my e-mail correctly).


    In late June or early July, I called the phone number I was given in the response from Microsoft, which turned out to be for billing. Although the customer service representative I spoke to was really nice, she told me that I had the wrong department and should speak to someone with LiveOneCare Tech Support which she said she would transfer me to at that time if not for "a problem with service" that would not allow her to connect me to tech support at that time.  


    She gave me a toll-free number to call and told me the problem would likely take six hours to correct, so I should call back when I had six hours available to deal with the problem. I haven't had six solid hours of free time in which to do absolutely nothing (unless one counts sleep), which is why I haven't called the number.


    I haven't seen this issue addressed, but I am hoping someone here can help me with it. Could anyone help me? Could it really take six hours to fix?


    Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance. There are enough problems in daily life without having to spend hours and hours dealing with this.





    Wednesday, August 6, 2008 11:01 PM



    In your post, you stated "enter the key, etc., which I'm sure has got to be different from the old one, I get a similar message to "renew" my subscription" If you logged in with the same LiveID, you would not have been prompted for a key, it would have inherited the status of the old account and would have told you that you needed to renew. If you were prompted for a key, it should have activated your subscription.


    At this point, I suggest that you log in with your subscription LiveID at http://billing.microsoft.com to see the status of your subscription. If it is active, but OneCare on the PC is not in agreement regarding this status, you need to contact support to determine why that is.


    If it shows expired or canceled, you will need to reinstall OneCare on your PC and subscribe using a LiveID - I'd recommend using a different or new LiveID if you prior OneCare subscription was canceled - and the key from your retail package. If it reports that the key was already used, then there is an active or canceled subscription associated with that key and you will need to contact support.


    Thursday, August 7, 2008 2:57 PM