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  • I've had my server for about six or seven months and haven't had a problem until now.

    - I'd been using the free trial version of McAfee for the server and the subscription ran out today
    - I paid for a new subscription (server) and was attempting to download/install
    - I'd remoted into the server's desktop
    - I first uninstalled the original McAfee using the control panel
    - I was using IE from the server for the download
    - As far as I knew it was still downloading, not installing, when a box popped up saying "Communication has been lost attempting to restore"
    - It was not able to restore the connection
    - I can no longer remote into the server
    - I tried to run the Server Recovery Disk, Shut down Server, Power Up, Use paperclip on reset button when light is blinking red/blue
    - The recovery program cannot find the server
    - When I use the paperclip none of the drive light come on and the far right status light is red
    - When I let it boot without using the paperclip all four drives lights come on but the far right status light is still red.

    I have all the data saved on DVDs so I don't have a problem with any type of recovery, but at this point I can't do anything...!  Please help.

    Thanks, Al
    Friday, February 20, 2009 1:24 AM


  • After doing some research on another site I found out any USB connections need to be disconnected from the server before attempting to restore the server.  So I disconnected my USB DVD drive and an external USB hard drive from the server.  The server is running a restore right now! 
    Friday, February 20, 2009 1:56 AM