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  • Hi,  I am a professional web developer, and much though I'd like to not support IE7, I'll probably not quite be able to get away with that yet.
    My problem: I have a box with valid OEM XP installed that I use for testing. However, this box doesn't have internet access; all the testing on it happens on the local server, and data is shuttled box and forth with my main box on USB-keys (which doesn't run XP, and thus can't get IE7 installed on it (and because my XP is OEM, I couldn't even install it on the main box if I wanted to)). So now I want to install IE7 on the testing box... but doing research before installing, I read that the IE7 install contains a WGA check which refuses to let you pass if it can't access the net. HELP! How do I install IE7? Is what I read about it refusing to install without net access really true? Isn't there a limited functionality mode or something that'll allow me to do testing and make certain my sites actually work in your product? How can it be that I can re-install XP without needing to go online (because, yay! it's OEM and thus doesn't need product activation with the matching hardware), but I can't install a simple - and free! - browser???
    Sunday, October 22, 2006 12:17 AM


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