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  • Hi guys ,

    It's my first time that i participate in this Imagine Cup by Microsoft.

    and when i start i got 'code hunt challenge #2' what about #1 is that over? So these individual contests like this counts points , and the person with maximum points choose to something like finalist . Or if it's not the system can please anyone tell me exactly how this system works .

    --  One more thing that i didn't know what to do in 'code hunt' is this for creating  apps or the logics with programs .

    - and what type of tools we can use (is this in hard and fast rule to use specific tool IDE like visual studio)

    - and what type programming language can we use vb/c/c++/java etc.

    - what i have to do in Games path , Innovation Path , World Citizen ship path and Code Hunt .

    - I didn't know any of the contests rules that what we have to do in them can please anyone explains here .

    - each contest having these steps 

    e.g. Project Blueprintes etc.

    and the last step is that particular contest .

    how does they work .

    - After you explain if i like to participate in any of the following so is there any different steps to do it like if i want to participate in 'game path' then does i need to participate in individual contest running like 'Code hunt' that is showing in my dashboard .

    Please reply me fast thanks .

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    As it's off-topic here, I am moving the question to the Where is the forum for... forum.


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