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  • This is a comment for Microsoft, if you're interested.  I'm not happy.  I've got Windows XP Professional on my HP notebook and I do everything by the book; that is, I buy my software legally and do all the updates.  I blindly follow your recommendations from your Windows update website and even install Microsoft update because I trust you.  I read something about Windows Genuine Advantage and agree with the anti-piracy principle and that this little utility will check my system and connect to the internet to provide some basic info about my machine only once.  Well it took me a while to work out which program was then the cause of a small, but annoying issue where upon startup of my computer, I'm being asked to supply my login and password for access to the internet through the proxy server I use.  By resorting to other software utilities, I track it down to the WGA program.

    What are you doing?  Why is your program connecting to the internet most times when I start my computer?  What are you getting from me?  Why did you lie to me about it doing it only once?  Why have you designed it so I can't properly uninstall the utility from Add/Remove Programs?  Well I'm deleting the executable file from my machine and you can stuff it where the sun don't shine!

    It's only a small issue, I know, but I didn't know whether I'd got some sort of virus, or trojan horse, or some other kind of rogue program trying to access the internet and compromise my system.  I'm really not happy Microsoft.  And further, I've updated a friend's computer and she's having the same issue and had the same concerns and has thought I've stuff it up.  It makes me look bad.  It's not a good way for you to treat your *paying* customers.

    Saturday, June 3, 2006 8:34 AM