I uninstalled Onecare and now I can't install any other Antivirus Program RRS feed

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  • I have a mach. running xp and had a trial version of windows onecare. I wasn't overly impressed with it and when my workplace offered to allow me to use one of their corp. copies of Symantec and/or Sohpos, i decided to take them up on it. 
    I went to control panel and removed onecare. it seemed to remove itself just fine.
    I then tried to put sophos home 7 on but it won't go. The icon come up in the drive folder but it just sits there after clicking it. I opened the folder and tried but no luck. I tried everything i know, I even tried both home and server additions. I get an error message stating that files cannot be created and self extractor comes up but won't let all the files displayed extract. It says close and try again.
    I then put symantec corp. 10.2  on there and it installed but won't update or display any defs. The internet will not work in ie. or netscape now and the firewall is screwed up. it won't let me do anything with the firewall, on or off.
    I took NAV off and put the one care back on and everything worked fine again.
    I went back in the  Control Panel and took onecare back off again and anything that had to do with it or windows live. I went into the program files and looked for stuff to remove but it was clean. I even googled a program to remove onecare with and ran it 2 times and rebooted as instructed.
    Now the same thing is happening all over again with Sophos and Symantec, no internet, can't load sophos at all and NAV loads but won't load defs or update. and firewall woes.
    Somehow, I finally got to the net now and NAV will not update and it is slow as a turtle. 2 programs are butting heads and one I feel is Onecare.
     It's like onecare is punishing me for removing it by blocking any AV besides it. I know that you cannot run 2 AV progs. at the same time but Onecare won't go away so I can use another AV. Help! How do I get onecare gone so I can put another AV on.
    Monday, June 8, 2009 9:08 PM