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  • I have tried getting through to customer support 3 times today and two of those times i have ended up hagning up due to it taking longer than 10mins to even get off hold and speak to someone. I understand this is a busy time of year but surely an average wait time of 10 mins or more just to get to speak to support is too long.

    I have also noticed quite a lengthy increas ein the time it take for ads to be reviewed, in some cases taking up to 3 or more days. I know adCenter advise this process can take up to 5 days which was understandable when it was just starting due to the high volumes of accounts that would have been submitted however this process had improved until recenlty and in some cases was down to just a few hours turn around. It is a bit dissapointing to see this improvement reversing itself at one of the most important times of the year.

    I noticed that someone else had mentioned in an earlier thread about "premium status" and have had similar experiences trying to get onto this. I was originally advised by adCenter to put through a request to get "premium status" which i did and then the next day i had a call back to tell me more about the service etc. The lady i spoke to advised me she would be able to sort out the second tier service for us and said that she would get back into contact with me regarding this to proceed. Its now about 2 months later and have never heard back from her. I have tried asking customer support about this but they have said all they can do is put our company name forward for it. As i have had no further response regarding this i dont even know whether we have ever actually been added to the list or not?




    Monday, December 11, 2006 3:19 PM

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  • Hi Jon,

    Just to say at the start i had my frustrations, lots of them. but the com team have been very, very helpful ("mel, i want paying for that! lol")! they have had some "growing pains" but i think they are getting there, things are better now than they where say 5 months ago when all support was, was an automated email response system, that was well appalling!

    i think the truth is that no one is going to enter the market on top of the game, it has taken G 5 years to get to where they are, and adcenter is what, less than one!

    hang in there, you will get a response, in fact i no you already have jon!

    But that same message to others, don’t give up hope just because you have been spoilt by Google!


    Wednesday, December 13, 2006 11:25 AM
  • Hi Alan,

    I understand that they are a new company so things wont run smoothly at the mo, it had just felt like after seeing improvements that they where possibly going back in reverse a little. I must say there have been some very helpful people in support team  (thought i should add some balance lol). The team where also very quick to get back to me after having posted here which is a good sign and they have resolved the issues i was having.

    I didnt mean my last post to come across as though i had only had bad experiences with adCenter, in fact up until a week or so ago my opinions of adCenter had been greatly improving.



    Thursday, December 14, 2006 4:27 PM