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  • Hello everyone!

    This is my first question in Microsoft TechNet community.

    I have a requirement. The objective is to record all the activities that I have been doing in my Windows PC in a day and to find out which are the areas that I have worked today for longer period / lesser period (something like a self-evaluation in order to improve my work efficiency).

    I want an application which displays a log of 'What application I have used in Windows?', 'How long it was running in my PC?' etc. for a particular date input. The output shall be similar to the below table.

    Date Application name Windows screen title App. Focus Start time App. Focus End time
    08-07-2019 Microsoft Excel 2010 PAYROLL_DATA - Microsoft Excel 08:30:21 10:30:21
    08-07-2019 Microsoft Word 2010 INVENTORY_DATA - Microsoft Word 11:15:55 12:30:30
    08-07-2019 Microsoft Excel 2010 PAYROLL_DATA - Microsoft Excel 02:02:10 04:02:25
    08-07-2019 Windows Explorer data.xls - Search results in Computer 04:30:21 05:00:21

    As I mentioned in the above table, I want the report of the applications that are currently focus on my Windows screen. That is, I may have opened many Excels, but I have worked on the "PAYROLL_DATA" Excel only.

    So, by "Windows screen title" I mean the title which will be displayed when we place our mouse on the taskbar icon.

    Is there any application already available in Windows (something like an extension of Task manager)?

    Please guide me how do I achieve my requirement.

    Thanks in advance.


    Karthikeyan V

    Monday, July 15, 2019 9:53 AM