Mobile website ASPX 2.0 Page not loading and Instead of loading it tries to download the aspx page sometimes RRS feed

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  • We are facing a issue in a our Mobile Banking app built on ASP.NET 2.0. Sometimes, when we load the mobile website[] from iPhone or any Android phones, log-in page will never get loaded. When the log-in page fails to load in iPhone/iPad, it’s giving us an option to download the login.aspx as a file. In some cases it shows download failed [Safari & Chrome]. In Android phone default browser, we are getting a different behavior when the log-in page fails to load. In Android phones its showing an error message as if the page was considered as a XML file and one special character in the xml file causing issue. [Images are shown below& attached].

    We are not getting the same issue in staging. Production fails randomly.

    We have three servers and load balancing is in place for production. We tried to access the site many times from different iOS and android versions and was successful with each of the servers. We have even tried connecting the mobile site by turning off all the servers except one, alternatively. All the servers worked fine individually. But it failed in the same mobile after clearing cache and cookies sometimes.

    This behavior is random and we haven’t able to figure out the root cause yet. There is no error in our log files or DB.

    There was security updates on all the servers before this issue started happening. We haven't uninstalled it yet.

    There were no updates on the filrewall F5.

    When we checked the IIS logs after a failed page load with the IP of mobile, we found there was only one entry made and it was for the favicon. We don't have favicon from the beginning and 404 error for favicon is since we started the site. As the only entry was for favicon and as it returns an error 404 just considering that possibility.

    Thursday, March 6, 2014 8:30 AM

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