Timings of last post in a forum overview list way off RRS feed

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    which is the overview page for the pre-2010 SharePoint forums.

    Latest posts are according to that page several hours ago for every forum.

    In fact they are in some cases minutes ago.

    Could it be that the forum software has reverted to an earlier error where Latest post showed only the latest NEW post that starts a thread? If so it should go back to showing the latest reply (or new thread whichever is newest).  (*)

     P.S. As I've said here a long time ago, having both the latest new post and the latest reply listed would be useful, but if you have only one line it must include (as it has done for well over a year) all posts not just new threads.

    (*) It does seem to be that the times are now those of the start time of the last thread created and not the time of the last post. (I checked two of the many forums in the above list)


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    Saturday, March 20, 2010 6:12 AM