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    First off, I was told to post this here by a Microsoft Partner Network Technical Support Engineer.

    I work for a medical company which produced digital xray imaging equipment.  We currently have an OEM manufacture our custom computer tower which is running on Windows XP Pro for Embedded Systems.  The OEM customers which we sell to have reasons for not being able up change the operating systems on these models and/or would like us to be able to continue to provide them with service stock (replacement towers) for 10 years.  One of our customers in particular has over 1,000 of these x-ray systems deployed across the world.  We have been told that the End of Distribution for XP will be 12-31-2016, and we have reached out to our computer manufacturer with the question of how we can continue to support our customers with existing XP systems in the field. (replacing a failed computer tower or hard drive with new)  Initially we were told nothing could leave our building with XP after the end of distribution date.  Our computer OEM reached out to Microsoft with these questions and we received the following answer:

    Regarding XP Pro for Embedded Systems.

    XP Professional for Embedded Systems end of distribution date is 12/31/2016 for the 32 bit version and 4-25-2020 for the 64 bit version, although security updates have already ceased.

    It is also possible to deploy an XP system after 12-31-2016 using Windows 7 FES COA with some conditions.

    1) it has to be an existing image on an existing product line (no new XP based products)

    2) it has to utilize XP OEM activation.

    3) it is understood that Microsoft will provide no fixes, support or help of any sort

    The above statement came from our computer manufacture who is a Microsoft OEM.  I would like to verify this information with Microsoft directly as Microsoft controls the licensing and rules for use, not the OEM.  I would hate to ship a replacement tower to one of our customers in January 2017 and it come back on us and our only rebuttal being that a 3rd party said it was ok.  By the statement above regarding continued distribution of our legacy XP systems, it sounds like:

    1) Continued Sales of our Legacy product with existing image utilizing XP OEM activation (This may be allowed??????)

    2) Replacement hardware (hard drive or replacement tower) with existing XP image and XP OEM activation would be allowed?

    Tuesday, March 8, 2016 6:13 PM