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    Hi, I have a question regarding the forums at

    I asked this question at the "Microsoft Answers" Community, at,

    and Louise_H. gave the suggestion of contacting Azure support. However, there seems to be no way (?) of contacting Azure support, if you don't have an Azure subscription, but, I guess, if Louise_H is right about contacting Azure, then, I guess, this whole forum sign in thing *could* be a Azure issue.

    So, here is the issue:


    I have a windows live id, and, have, also, associated it with a "forums" account.


    I had used this "windows id", to go into the forums, previously, and it had been working.


    Now, today, I would like to go back into the iis forum, using the windows live id (i.e., go to>sign in->"sign in using windows live). It asks me for the email-pw combo, after entering it, it asks


    "Let this app access your info?

    (Removed PII)
    Azure Live needs your permission to:
    View your profile info and contact list
    Azure Live will be able to see your profile info, including your name, gender, display picture, contacts, and friends.
    Access your email addresses
    Azure Live will be able to see the email addresses in your profile.
    You can change these application permissions at any time in your account settings."
    Click yes, and, I, unfortunately, as of today, always get:
    There's a temporary problem

    There's a temporary problem with the service. Please try again. If you continue to get this message, try again later."


    This has happened, today, and already for several days, without change, unfortunately., with both windos live ids I have.


    This does not seem to happen to all users, as, there are still active topics, with posts from within the last seconds, minutes, hours, etc, in the forum.

  says, it is "managed for Microsoft" by "Neudesic, LLC.", so, as it does seem, that this is not absolutely necessiraly a windos live issue (all other windows live services, associated with these accounts, e.g. email, msdn, etc. work, as, expected), so I did contact them, by email,. however, I have gotten no response, and, their online-"support" contact "form" was definitely more geared at high-cost sales, than, anything else.

    I have also contacted the website support team, through the Site Feedback Form, at, and have gotten several responses from them, but, at the moment, it has not helped, yet.

    Not sure if they have the same insight into all of this, as the "azure side" does, if this is, in fact, possibly, an Azure issue. Does anyone here know what I can do so I can sign back into the forums again.

    Thanks for ALL HELP!

    Also, not sure what category this can be, so I decided to post this under "Forums Issues". Again, not even sure, whether this is an Azure issue, but that is what was suggested by Louise_H., so I hope someone can help me here ;)


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  • This issue is a combination of the IIS site and Live ID. So it isn't related to the TechNet/MSDN forums.

    First, I recommend going back to your IIS site contacts and troubleshooting more with them. Try to loop in the support you get from Live ID and the info they send you...

    Live ID / Microsoft Account Issues

    This forum doesn't cover Live ID issues. If you have one, try making a request via this form.

     Or report the issue to the WL Forum. Support page.


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