Uploading deletes with UploadOnly option when not using change tracking RRS feed

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  • When I do not enable chagne tracking and set SyncDirection  to UploadOnly, then deletes are not uploaded!


    Is it a bug! Can someone try it?


    Steps to reproduce:

    1) Create a console project

    2) Add Local Database Cach Item (LocalDataCache1)

    3) In the designer unset the "Use the SQL Server Change tracking"

    4) Add a table for synchronization

    5) Copy the following code to Program.Main


    LocalDataCache1SyncAgent syncAgent = new LocalDataCache1SyncAgent();

    Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SyncStatistics syncStats = syncAgent.Synchronize();


    6) Add following classes:


    partial class LocalDataCache1SyncAgent


    partial class CustomerDemographicsSyncTable


    partial void OnInitialized()


    this.SyncDirection = Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SyncDirection.UploadOnly;





    7) Run the application

    8) In the SDF database (which is in bin\Debug directory) add a new record

    9) Run the application

    10) Check that the record exists in the server db

    11) Delete the record in the local db

    12) Run the application

    13) Check whether the record exists in server db


    It is there! 

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