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  • Thanks, Dave,

    I see that you responded 12 minutes before I added the PS & PPS.

    PS: I just deleted all 'answers.microsoft.com' cookies and attempted to resubmit my original problem statement (about where to find log of Memory Diagnstic) ...didn't work ...same problem.

    PPS: Dave, I'm having problems that the computer maker, Acer, wants to address by returning the computer for RMA warranty service. I've already done that twice, and I want to confirm memory before going further. I ran Memory Diagnostic (which, you probably know, runs on boot in a pre-Windows session). I could not find the results of the diagnostic (though Memory Diagnostic said I would be shown the results when Windows started up). I searched for new files, all logs, the Event Viewer, all *.evtx for the period of the test, etc. The results of the Memory Diagnostic are nowhere to be found. Should I post the problem to TechNet? FWIW, I'm an electronics engineer and I pretty much know what I'm doing.

    Does this seem like the sort of problem that's appropriate for TechNet?

    BTW, I tried different browsers (Pale Moon & Firefox) running in a Linux VM ...no joy.

    Saturday, October 20, 2018 7:53 PM