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    My account was debited for renewing the subscription.  I re-download OneCare. I am told I have 15 days left.  OK.  So...I try to log in using my LiveID.  It is recognized, however, does not change to paid subscription.  I look up the help topics and finally discover I can get to a page where I can enter the 20 digit number.  I enter the first digit and the page disappears. Wow!  Ah, but it doesn't end here.  OneCare tells me that I need to uninstall Norton Systemworks.  OK.  So...I hit the uninstall button.  The reply comes back, "Systemworks does not support current operation system." (I have Vista).  OK.  I removed all traces of Norton that I can find from my computer.  Same thing.  Fast forward to this morning: I thought I would try with the 20 digit number again, but this time, it's gone with the message that my subscription has expired.


    I am tired of being led from window to window, only to return to where I started, and getting nothing but a lot of misinformation.  In the meantime, that disgusting red icon stares me in the face telling me that I am in grave danger.


    Either fix this thing today or give me my money back!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monday, February 4, 2008 2:17 PM


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