Does ADFS have to be installed to Port 443 on the default website RRS feed

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  • ADFS should be installed using the default website and default port which is 443. 
    Marc Collins www.QGate.co.uk
    Tuesday, March 29, 2011 11:56 AM
  • Very peculiar. I know this sounds a little silly, but have you double-checked your config settings?


    Go to Deployment Manager > Configure Claims-Based Authentication

    • The second page should show "https://adfs.company.com:4443/FederationMetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml" (which you've said above)
    • The very final page should show "https://internalcrm.company.com:4444/FederationMetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml"

    If the first is right and the second is wrong, then one of the CRM URLs is wrong in Deployment Manager - right-click the root node, go to Properties, then the Web Address tab to check them.


    Else, Go to AD FS 2.0 Management > Trust Relationships > Relying Party Trusts > "CRM" (or whatever you've named it) > Properties.

    • The Monitoring tab should show https://internalcrm.company.com:4444/FederationMetadata/2007-06/federationmetadata.xml
    • The Identifiers tab should show "CRM" at the top, and https://internalcrm.company.com:4444 at the bottom

    If the first tab is right but the second tab is wrong, hit Cancel, then Update from Federation Metadata. If it's still wrong, your problem almost certainly lies in the URL being passed by CRM, and needs to be fixed from Deployment Manager, as above.

    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:33 AM