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  • We would have three fases in deploying OCS2007, first step is having IM/ip telephony for internal users. Second step is connecting OCS with our existing Alcatel PABX.  Third one would be removing our existing PABX and going for a complete VoIP environment.

    For fase II we would go for a little test scenario first and order a seperate ISDN line with our telecom provider. Is there a little Media Gateway out there with only one/two ISDN connections so we can test OCS2007 with a Mediation server and that Media Gateway?

     is it possible to have a setup with a sip/pstn gateway where we connect that seperate ISDN line and leave alone the PABX connection? In this scenario we wouldn't use the PABX to have some testing.


    Can we have a setup like this one: OCS2007 + Mediation Server + Media Gateway (Mediant 1000 where you can choose to have separate modules (we need 10 BRI's) and disconnect the PABX?  Can we route/transfer incoming calls on the Media Gateway, or is this why a SIP/PSTN gateways are used?

    Maybe to be clear: in the OCS2007 telephony white paper they use the terms Media Gateway and SIP/PSTN Gateway, who can explain the differences between those two?

    In a third fase we would go for a complete VoIP scenario. Can someone explain what components we need.  From what I learned for different webcasts/documents:

    OCS2007 + Mediation Server + Basic Media Gateway (Mediant 1000) + IP PBX + SIP account with a SIP Service Provider.
    Where do you install the IP PBX, is this software do you need to install it on the Media Gateway or a separate server, are there also hardware IP PBX boxes available and what is advisable?
    If we would like to maintain our 10 msn numbers can we work with a SIP Service Provider to keep these existing numbers (we life in Belgium).? Two of these numbers are faxes, is this possible in a OCS setup and how is the routing done?
    Thursday, July 19, 2007 10:55 AM

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  • Hello,

    Can you update this post? Is this still an issue with the RTM version?


    Wednesday, September 19, 2007 6:31 PM