Windows 8/8.1 UI - Tablet/Pone vs laptop/desktop RRS feed

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  • hey there! i would like to make a suggestion, im not sure how many people will agree with me but i think there will be many! Microsoft, the new windows 8 UI not good enough because its like that of a tablet or a phone. The only reason i have a laptop in addition to a tablet, is because a laptop has a different, more user friendly and more efficient UI, other wise if i wanted the same thing as my tablet on my laptop, i wouldn't bother buying a laptop. So my suggestion is, please keep the desktop/laptop UI the way they were in windows 7 etc (basically the same basic or related ui with whatever upgrades you please) so we can actually feel we're using a laptop and keep the modern UI and apps like that of windows 8/8.1 for the windows tablets and phones only:).


    Saturday, April 5, 2014 7:15 PM