Problem: CWA role on OCSR2 FE RRS feed

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  • HI... I made a mistake. I have installed CWA role on FE server and before activating it I reallise my mistake, so I have just removed CWA role from the server.
    At that point IIS functionallity broke and AB doesn't work (sync) anymore, expansion of group also doesn't work and users got window for services login.
    This is in prerelease state so there is no disaster at this time.

    What I am asking you is, do you know maybe how to recover from this situation?
    Is it simpler to just deactivate FE, destroy server and set up FE from the scratch? If this is best sollution, is there something that I should export before destroying server... for example dialing rules?

    Thank you guys in advance
    Herbert Knavs
    Friday, October 2, 2009 8:52 PM


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