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    I am working on dynmaics crm 4.0. I have installed outlook client and I start working in the offline mode. When I shift to Online mode I found that the sync process is running behind.
    Now, I would like to know how is this synchronization takes place?
    Let us discuss a scenario. I am working on one record in the offline mode and at the same time another person is working on the same record in online mode. Treat both of us having Admin privileges.  
    Suppose we both changed the email address of that record then, when I try to synchronize, whose data will be present in the database? 

    Are you using 'Merge Replication' for synchronization? Even in that case there occurs a conflict. what type of sync mechanism are you using? How does the conflict resolves in this case?

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    This forum is for questions that are related to the Microsoft Sync Framework - you will need to post this question to the Dynamics CRM or the Outlook forum.

    Deepa ( Microsoft Sync Framework)
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