Can someone PLEASE fix this horrible forum's editor? RRS feed

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  • I have no idea why, but it seems that this forum has just been forgotten and is a throwback to the dark ages of WTF UI design.

    This forum is so bad with it's editor, that I rarely use it.  It's formatting is appallingly difficult to use.  Why has no one thought to revamp it to something more modern and easier to use?  Or if someone has, why hasn't it been done yet?

    Perhaps some pointers should be taken from Stack Overflow, Google Docs, or even a BB editor to see what a really easy UI editor can do.  Granted they have some issues, but not like this.

    Take for instance:

    How to add a quote:

    Copy some text.  Go into the HTML editor. Locate where you want the text to show up in the text that you have already written (which is all strung together in a non formatted single line BTW, increasing the level of difficulty), and then type <blockquote>Ctrl-V<blockquote>.  Now cross your fingers and press Update.  With any luck, you've not f*ed up the formatting of the rest of the document.

    Moving a paragraph up with backspace or delete:

    Type out a couple of paragraphs separating them with a blank paragraph.  Now go to the beginning of 2nd paragraph and press backspace. The font size shrinks and possibly other things happen to the font.  REALLY?  This also happens if you go to the blank paragraph and hit delete.

    These are only two of MANY problems in the editor of this site.  WHY?!?!  There are plenty of libraries out there that make this TOTALLY unnecessary (sorry, I ran out of ways I could emphasize the word totally 9.9) and make a UI so much easier to use.

    Please fix this.  We've moved beyond Netscape 1.1, lets move this forum to a more modern era too.




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  • I've been waiting for years now.

    See this thread.

    This is also the last update I've received on the matter:

    From: Shakti Mishra (Mindtree Consulting PVT LTD) 

    This is to let you know that the engineering team has investigated the bug.

    However, as per the update, currently, engineering team will not be able to fix this bug for it not being a priority.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Best Regards,

    Please feel free to rattle the cage a little.  You can send an email to, or up-vote the various threads about it.

    Sunday, November 1, 2015 4:27 PM