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  • allright ill go over the timeline, I recently purchased a new hitachi 1tb hard drive to add to my server pool, I removed the 250g drive out and installed the hitachi. next day i get message from WHS console that there are file conflicts, this is right after I had turned duplication back on. I turned duplication off (yes i know it was stupid) and then tried to reboot the system, at first the system wouldnt recognize the new drive upon reboot, then after a couple of reboots it does, problem is now when I try to reboot with the new drive connected it only gets up to the windows home server beginning screen and never gets to the section where i can log in, it just gives me a black screen after. i disconected the new drive and now only have the old drives, and it will start now but its giving me tons of errors such as file conflicts for about 7 files. backup service is not running, backup database has errors, and that the disconected drive has failed. when i look under server storage it shows that the drive is missing. when i look at the shared folders it looks like all my files are there. I havent gone through each one though so i dont know wether its just showing me the file headings but no files. Any ideas??!! please whatever help you can give would be appreciated. Im thinking that I may just remove the drive alltogether but how do i do that if it shows has missing. should i hit repair on the backup database? and if so will it more than likely wipe most of my files?
    Tuesday, February 23, 2010 4:58 AM


  • If you have a disk that's failed, it may prevent your server from booting. (This behavior isn't unique to Windows Home Server, or even Windows, by the way.) It sounds like your brand new disk suffered "juvenile failure". Unfortunately, by changing duplication settings, you've put the data in your shares at risk. YOu can learn more about the risks when a drive fails by reading this FAQ .

    As for what you can do at this point, if you removed the original 250 GB drive from the storage pool using the console, then there should be nothing on it any more. So you're in the situation of having files that aren't duplicated and a failed hard drive. Really, all you can do is to use the console to remove the failed hard drive from the storage pool. You'll be warned that you'll  lose files and/or backups, but since the drive doesn't seem to be working, there's not a lot of choice in the matter. After removing the drive you can run the backup database repair wizard to get your backup database back into a usable state (possibly losing some/all backups in the process). As for files in your shares, the ones with file conflicts now are certainly affected, and it's possible that other files will also be affected.

    The final thing you can do is to take the original 250 GB drive, and the failed drive, and connect them to some other computer (I would use a USB bridge device for this, but you can install the drives physically of you'd rather). Then check each drive for a folder named DE in the file system root. (This will be a hidden folder.) If you find it, look in the Shares folder and you will hopefully find whatever files you've lost.
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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010 1:14 PM