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    We all know one of the major features of WHS is the ability to get to your files, pictures, video … remotely. The down side is that the ports used are ports most ISPs block by default.


    As a Microsoft WHS beta tester this was a feature I was unable to test since my ISP blocks ports 80 and 443. Port 4125 is open.


    Since most ISPs block ports 80 and 443 I can only speculate that a lot of households only buy a home server just to share video and pictures with loved ones across the country and overseas just to discover they purchased WHS and can only use the server for sharing files, photos and backup their systems.


    As described, my ISP does block port 80 and 443 and I called my ISP for additional information. I was told that I can switch from their private consumer section to their business section and will have all ports open and a static IP for roughly $96 a month .. auch - compared to my current 5down/512 up for $36…


    Anyway, I would like the WHS team to consider implementing an update or Add-in download for the console which will enable changing the ports. I am sure the WHS server will be marketed as “Remote access your files, photos, video and more …” and it may backfire since most of us have ISPs blocking these ports. Having an update or add-in to change the ports would greatly help and ensure the Home server lives up to its name.


    Thanks Microsoft / WHS Team for the Home Server and a great product. I hope you will consider this posting/request.

    Thursday, October 18, 2007 8:01 PM

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