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  • I would like to get Cash Flow considering the following:

    1. Various types of Insurances of different Indian insurance companies.

    2. Fixed Deposits of Indian Post Office and Various Indian Public and Private Sector Banks. (Which carries various interest rates.)

    3. Mutual Funds of various Indian Financial Companies

    4. Shares of Indian Companies.

    5. Car Loans

    6. Home Loans

    7. Personal Loans

    8. Savings account Indian Banks.

    I also have moneytary requirement at different years to meet the expenses like education, marriage, etc.

    I would like to know whether return from investments will meet the requirements of different years.

    Is it possible through Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe?

    If so, could you provide some clue how to handle to get required result?

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    Friday, March 15, 2013 1:10 PM

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  • The short answer is yes, MSMoney Sunset Deluxe can do this.  One approach is:

      - set up your periodic future expenses (rent, food, clothing, etc) as recurring expenses

      - enter infrequent expenses (wedding, college tuition) as individual future withdrawals

      - set up your wages as recurring deposits (the "Paycheck" option)

      - set up your investment withdrawals as transfers from each of your investment accounts (either recurring or one-time) into the accounts that you use to pay expenses

    Some caveats:

      - The cash flow forecast will only be as good as your estimates of future income and expenses.

      - MSMoney's cash flow forecast is a great tool for looking 6 months or a year ahead.  It will also forecast many years ahead, but it won't be a good estimate unless you take the time to make sure that all the income, transfers, and expenses for future years are correctly set up in each account.

      - If you have many investment, loan, savings, etc. accounts this will be a LOT of work to set up and maintain.  For the long-term view, you might be better off to make rough estimates for each future year and forecast your cash flow using a spreadsheet.

      - I am not familiar with investments and banking in India.  There may be issues with setting up Indian accounts in Money Plus Sunset Deluxe because it's a US-oriented program.  A better choice may be the UK or International versions.

    Bill Becker

    Saturday, March 16, 2013 4:57 PM