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    I am in the process of making my wedding programs, and on the front of the program I have inserted (from file) a monagram.

    • In normal view I am able to see the monagram, but when I go into print preview, my inserted picture or text box does not show, nor does it print when the document is printed.
    • The first time this problem happened was when I printed out a draft copy of the wedding program--the monagram didn't print.
    • What is odd is when I insert a picture, and I have not changed the location of the picture (in other words, I have not gone into 'format picture' and changed anything on the 'layout' tab), I am able to view the picture in print preview, but once I change the layout to, lets say, in line with text, it disapears. The same for text boxes.
    • If I forward the document to a different computer, the picture/text box appears, so I am thinking it must be one of my settings on the computer, but I can't figure out which one. I've looked through the print menu, format picture menu, options under the format drop-down menu--I can't figure it out. When I printed out my draft copy, I clicked on the 'draft print' box, but that is no longer marked.

    Any suggestions?


    Tuesday, July 8, 2008 4:33 PM

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