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  • Hi,

    I took a look around http://windowsservercatalog.com


    According to this site, Veritest does compatibility testing and maintain this site. I emailed Veritest with the following question:



    If I look up a specific server, I see that it is certified for "Windows Server 2003 x64" and "Windows Server 2003 x86". However, there is no mention of whether this is Standard or Enterprise etc.

    Which versions of Windows are actually certified (since the web site seems to be ambiguous on this point)? I am assuming that Veritest actually does do the testing on the different editions, because there are different prices listed on the web site for tests of the different editions.

    Is there some other publicly available URL that clarfies this (i.e. independent from the hardware manufacturer's web site)?



    I received the following reply:


    Thanks for the email. VeriTest specializes in the certification of software applications, not the actual hardware. Microsoft does this testing in-house, and there is a lot of information on the newly-redesigned Microsoft Hardware Developer Central website. Good luck finding the information you need.



    Well, I cannot find anything on the Microsoft site that lists server support (i.e. the way it used to show on the HCL in years gone past).


    Does anyone have any suggestions?




    Thursday, November 15, 2007 4:27 PM

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  • Microsoft breaks down server compatibility by component (motherboard, NIC, chipsets, etc.) to help provide a wider range of information for the end-user.  Since the core of 2003 Server (Standard or Enterprise) is the same, support is listed by x86 or 64 bit only.  The EULA refers to 'benchmarking' which a person or company could undertake in their own environments to get an idea of performance.

    Back in the day, server builders put together fairly 'vanilla' boxes from components that only a few companies built.  Now, everybody and their brother has a hardware factory, churning out specialized components for a number of needs.  Since the major manufacterers use the cheapest component at any given time, the 'same' server purchased at different times of the year could have components from different companies, but do the same thing.  That makes it impractical to certify specific servers.

    How's that for a 'clear as mud' answer?
    Thursday, November 15, 2007 5:18 PM