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  • Hi I have been unable to login to my locked account for 2 years. It was created using my gmail account (as i like having only 1 primary email account). This has created problems.

    It was breached 2 years ago and unauthorised purchases made from Brazil on xbox merchandise.

    I got in touch with bank and got back my money. Then phoned MS to let them know... they didnt care they had a security breach and said i only need speak with the bank... the problem they felt was with the bank or credit card info. MS support did not help me unlock my account. 

    I was very let down by their poor support, so i ditched the xbox and MS altogether.

    Now after 2 years, i am tempted to try the new Office 365 and Win 8 for business purposes. I contacted MS to unlock my account only to find that the service is worse than it was 2 years ago.

    I have sent 4 account recovery forms (2 weeks down the drain), and its been 3 days since they last replied.

    Their advice included (1) reset your password (I have explained that I cant... multiple times... as they have locked that option on my account (2) send another recovery form (really?!... tried that 3x already... probably workers just wanting to pass the buck and close the case) (3) create another new account (WHAT?! this is by far the worst suggestion... most irresponsible solution. Sure buddy, to open an account is free... but what if it is tied on to paid apps, subscriptions and important business documents on skydrive) 

    I tried contacting MS support via phone. It tells me to use the website. I try speaking to a support member anyway who insists on getting my hotmail account despite reminding the person several times that it is linked to my gmail account. She then said that without a hotmail address she cannot help me and simply cuts me off. Since it is linked to my xbox account, i thought i would try xbox support. This was worse. Cut off within few minutes.

    Compared to other major tech companies, I have not seen such terrible customer service. It puts shame to a big brand. It gives an edge to competitors. You can invest millions in fancy adverts, but you will never keep customers if you unknowingly treat them like dirt. You should start taking care of your customers. There is something seriously wrong with your support department. They all want to 'get on' with the next job as soon as possible, without solving anything. This will only make more work for them (creating a cycle of problems and useless support advice), or ultimately lose customers for you.

    Is the pay incentive-based on the number of support tickets they take on? Are they inadequately equipped to handle tasks assigned - both in authority/skills or knowledge/language? Are they being monitored properly for quality assurance? Are they drowning in workload?

    Imagine going to Google and telling them that your email account has been locked. After 24 hours, would they reply saying 'go open a new account! its free anyway! Here is a link', followed by 'this support ticket has been closed'. 

    Monday, September 9, 2013 3:24 PM

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